Free, confidential and caring

To help people living with the disease to play an active and enlightened role in maintaining their quality of life, Parkinson Montréal-Laval offers them several services. All services provided by the organization are offered free of charge and are confidential.

The disease

Parkinson's disease is a neurodegenerative disease that manifests itself mainly by movement disorders explained by the loss of cells in a part of the brain called the substantia nigra. These cells are responsible for producing dopamine, a chemical that acts as a messenger between brain cells involved in controlling movement.

No one is ready for illness to come to their life, but with the right support you can continue to live every moment to the fullest.

No one is ready for
illness to come to their life,
but with the right support,
you can continue to live
every moment to the fullest.

Services that fits your needs

Details & registrations

The services offered by Parkinson Montréal-Laval are all specially adapted for people with Parkinson’s and their loved ones. Their aim is to support beneficiaries in taking charge of their daily well-being. Do not hesitate to contact us directly to register or for more information on the services offered:

Personalized meetings for newly diagnosed people and their loved ones

Facing the announcement of a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis, a whirlwind of emotions and questions can overwhelm the individuals concerned as well as their loved ones. During this delicate transition period, we offer a service of personalized meetings dedicated to those newly diagnosed, as well as their families and friends. This service consists of one or two meetings and is designed to identify your individual needs and guide you towards the resources capable of supporting you.

The main objective of these meetings is to:

  • Accompany you in choosing options aimed at preserving your quality of life.
  • Provide you with concrete tools to face the challenges posed by this new reality.
  • Help you identify your specific needs in terms of psychological support, physical activities, maintaining independence, daily life adjustments, etc.
  • Explore with you the various available resources that could meet your needs.


Our specialized advisor offers personalized support, responding with empathy to your questions and guiding you towards the key information and resources for better management of Parkinson’s disease.

Support and self-help groups

Facilitated by Eugénie Côté, a second-year student in Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Montreal, these groups promote verbalization and mutual support and are based on values of respect, openness, and non-judgment. They encourage the sharing of experiences and social interaction, providing safe spaces where participants can connect with others who understand them.

These groups meet once a month on a regular schedule. Occasionally, guest speakers (occupational therapists, kinesiologists, speech therapists) join the groups to share their expertise on particularly inspiring topics.

Every 4th Wednesday of the month from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM. With Eugénie Côté. Via video conference (Zoom)

TANDEM’S PROGRAM twinning program for people living with PD

The TANDEM program provides individuals with Parkinson’s disease the opportunity to connect with a peer, regardless of the stage of their illness. By pairing two people living with Parkinson’s, TANDEM encourages the exchange of experiences and mutual support.

This program emphasizes solidarity and mutual assistance among participants, allowing them to share their challenges and solutions in a spirit of understanding and without judgment. TANDEM thus promotes a shared journey of learning and development, helping each individual better navigate daily life with Parkinson’s disease.

TANDEM is built on values such as sharing, learning, open-mindedness, and collective progress, providing a dynamic platform for mutual assistance where participants can draw from each other’s experiences in a judgment-free environment. TANDEM is an initiative that recognizes the strength of the collective to find balance and move forward together.

You will be invited to participate in a first meeting and/or call that will be coordinated based on both of your availabilities. If your needs or those of the person you are connected with are different, no problem! We will find a way to accommodate them.

There is no obligation regarding the number of planned meetings. The goal is to make this experience a beneficial exchange for each party, and you will be free to end the partnership at any time. However, if the partnership is suitable, we will obviously invite you to keep it for as long as possible!

Registered people for this project will benefit from the support of an advisor and will have access to a toolbox to promote discussions and mutual assistance.


Fill the online form available by clicking on the button bellow.


Contact us by email or phone : [email protected] / 514 868-0597 extension 3.


Our team will do the matching. When we find a relevant connection, we will help you coordinate your meetings

Workshops ‘’Pratique ta voix’’

Resulting from a collaboration between Ms. Carmen Fortin, volunteer, and Ms. Ingrid Verduyckt, Assistant Professor at the School of Speech Therapy and Audiology at the University of Montreal, these workshops aim to:

- Address the vital need for individuals with Parkinson's disease to exercise their voice;
- Train interns who will be able to apply the teachings they receive.

Groups meet once a week. Interested in learning more about this approach? We invite you to click on the link button below to read an article featuring Ingrid Verduyckt, PhD, Assistant Professor at the School of Speech Therapy and Audiology.

Respite and exercises with NeuroMotrix

For a caregiver, it is not always easy to free up time to participate in activities. Difficult, indeed, to leave his or her loved one alone during this time. Therefore, in collaboration with NeuroMotrix, we offer the Respite and Exercises service.

This service is offered to you free of charge (for the caregiver and the person being cared for), this allows you to take part in one of the activities of your choice while allowing the person being cared for to benefit from a home meeting with a kinesiologist from NeuroMotrix. You will be able to follow workshops, courses or conferences knowing that this moment is fully beneficial for you as well as for your loved one.

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Conferences, workshops and other online or in person activities​

Thanks to the collaboration of its partners, Parkinson Montréal-Laval can offer its members, through group activities, access to experts from various fields such as nutrition, neuroscience, fitness, meditation, etc. The activities and conferences thus present numerous tools that highlight the importance of taking care of one’s physical and mental health. Free and open to all, the program is available on the website in the calendar section.

Visit our resources section for respite referrals and other services: