Icône Ballons Anniversaire ou fête de mariage Vecteur sur fond blanc isolé EPS 10Founded in 2004, this June 15 marks Parkinson Montreal-Laval’s 20th anniversary! Icône Ballons Anniversaire ou fête de mariage Vecteur sur fond blanc isolé EPS 10

The organization’s name may have changed over the years, but it’s mission remains. It is with a renewed commitment that we pursue Parkinson Montreal-Laval’s (PML) mission.
PML’s Board of Directors along with the team have marked this important milestone during the Members’ Lunch held on Sunday, June 9. Nearly 70 people gathered at the Robin des Bois restaurant located at Parc LaFontaine in a festive setting to embody what is so characteristic of our mission: the gift of being part of a resilient and tightly knit community for years to come!
Focusing on the well-being of people living with Parkinson’s and that of the people who are by their side to support them along this journey remains a key priority. We have the mandate and the ambition to accelerate the development of Parkinson’s related services that are modern, relevant, and free within a larger radius to target more people and a growing community


Thank you!

As we reach this 20-year milestone, it is a privilege to us at Parkinson Montreal-Laval to count you as part of our growing membership. You are part of a community that has generously been supporting our efforts in many ways over the past 20 years.

Thank you! Your support is most precious, and we are extremely grateful to you.

To support our efforts, you may donate as part of the Parkinson Montreal-Laval’s 20th anniversary campaign: https://bit.ly/3xiVCWu

Many thanks to our partner Sweet Isabelle Montreal for the delicious cupcakes! https://www.sweetisabelle.com/en/

About us
PML delivers individual, family or group support to people living with Parkinson’s and their informal care givers who walk with them on this journey. We deploy a continuously evolving physical activity program and amongst other services we present conferences, help people connect through peer-to-peer networking opportunities and recently starting a book club. We also help people find resources, whether in the health or community networks

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