Are you caring for a loved one living with Parkinson’s disease and a member of Parkinson’s Montreal-Laval?

Would you like to benefit from our services and participate in our activities remotely?

Unfortunately, you do not have the necessary computer equipment for this…

Good news, Parkinson Montreal-Laval (PML) wants to facilitate access to its remote activities (by videoconference) by implementing a new electronic tablet lending service.

Intended for the use of Montreal caregivers who are members of PML, this service is:

In return, the recipient commits to:

If you would like to benefit from this service or if you have any questions, please contact Sophie Lecours by phone at 514 868-0597 #2 or by email at [email protected] or Janie Guénette by phone at 514 868-0597 #1 or by email at montré[email protected].