Following the government’s suggestions to find ideas to maintain and promote social links with our isolated relatives during holidays, we would like to share some of our suggestions with you. Of course, they are not exhaustive and we invite you to give us yours!

If you can visit him:

– Bring him a holiday cake to eat together. Sugar pie, pouding chomeur, …

Cook with your loved one! You could even cook some holiday meals for him to reheat later.

Brighten up his living space by participating in the festive decoration of his interior. Light garlands, candles, Christmas tree, …

If you cannot visit him:

Play games together! By calling with video conference, you can play board games like checkers and chess

Send him Christmas cards with letters to stimulate his reading.

Eat together, by interposed screens! And you could also place his cutlery on your decorated table.

One Response

  1. Calling your elderly loved ones a few times a day can help reduce feelings of social isolation. Take time to share stories, tell jokes, solve riddles, play simple games, or read aloud with them. If possible, take advantage of video call apps like FaceTime or Skype and conference in multiple family members on the same call. Hearing loved one’s voices and seeing their faces will help brighten your beloved senior’s day. Give your elderly loved one a pleasant surprise by mailing letters. Let them know you are thinking of them and that they are dear to you. Remember to not limit yourself to just a written letter. Receiving pressed flowers, burned CDs, printed photos, or even a grandchild’s art project can be a wonderful gift to open.